How To Prepare a Brick-And-Mortar Store for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching. That means there’s a lot of excitement among shoppers! People are looking to buy anything and everything to celebrate their favorite time of the year. We know that owning a business is hard enough without the added stress of holiday shopping, which is why we’ve put this blog together! Here’s our tips for how to prepare a brick-and-mortar store for the holiday season.

1. Build Up Your Staff

In preparation for the holiday season, you will want to make sure that you have enough people on your team. Hiring new folks in September and early October will help you feel more confident going into major fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Even better, those new hires will be well trained by the time the winter holidays roll around! That leads us to another important note, training your staff! Of course, this is an ongoing process and won’t happen overnight. With that in mind, try to set aside some time in the beginning to properly train your new staff members. Your team is a very big part of your shop, so make sure that everyone there is going to represent your brand in a positive way.

2. Set Your Holiday Hours

Deciding on your holiday hours is crucial for finding success this holiday season. Choose the days and times that you are committed to being physically open and then present them to the public! People need to know what your store hours are, especially if they are trying to get some last-minute shopping done. Don’t just share your holiday hours in person, take it to the internet by posting on your Google My Business account and on your other digital platforms. Don’t miss out on business because of something so easy! And, once you post your store hours, it is very important to keep that schedule. Nothing will alienate your customers more than to show up when you say you will be there, and not find you there! Make establishing your Holiday Hours and communicating those hours to the public atop priority this year.

3. Decorate

This is the fun part! Get into the holiday spirit with some seasonal decorations! Place pumpkins all around your store for Halloween and sting up some snowflakes in December. It’s the little things that make all the difference for consumers, so try to go above and beyond for them. Get creative with things like a small outdoor “photobooth” of sorts or hide discounts within your decorations! You can also make some of your décor available for purchase if it fits with your brand. There’s no shortage of ways to make the most out of your holiday decorations this year, so don’t miss out!

4. Utilize Your Social Media Platforms

Being active on social media this holiday season will be so important for boosting sales and brand awareness. People love to know what’s going on with their favorite stores during the holiday season. Take advantage of this by adding some shoppable posts to Instagram or sharing your new holiday items on Facebook! You can also post things like Holiday Gift Guides to your social platforms to get your customers talking about your brand. Finally, don’t forget to show off your brand personality with social media. Share pictures of your staff in ugly holiday sweaters or participate in relevant, seasonal video trends. No matter what you do, don’t forget to share it on social.

5. Plan All Your Promotions

Finally, make sure that your holiday promotions are all planned out ahead of time. Most people expect to see sales during major holidays, and you don’t want to lose business just because you didn’t offer a small discount. You can also try to make your deals more interesting by doing scratch-off cards at the register or hiding rewards on your website. Regardless, we highly recommend planning at least one month in advance to avoid any last-minute blunders or obstacles.

The holiday season can be a really great time for brick-and-mortar stores to build awareness and generate revenue. We hope that you have found these 5 tips to be helpful and that you will find all sorts of success during the holidays this year. If you are hoping to move your business into a new retail space, consider working with us at Madison Corporate Group (MCG)! Fill out our online contact form to learn more about our available storefronts.

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