How To Promote Your Store’s Grand Opening

There’s nothing more exciting than the opening day of a new business! Not only is it a big deal for the store’s owner, but it’s also exciting for the members of the community to have more local business options. Of course, no opening day would be complete without either a soft opening or a grand opening event! Here is our advice for how to successfully promote your store’s grand opening!


Spread the Word of Your Store Opening

The most important part of any store opening are the customers! Whether you’re going for a grand opening event or a soft opening launch, it’s important that you attract customers into the store on the big day. To ensure people show up on opening day, be sure to spread the word everywhere you possibly can! Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Add a temporary pop-up banner to your website promoting your grand opening.
  • Take advantage of digital directory listings like Google Business Profile, Bing Places, and Yelp.
  • Create an email campaign announcing when your store will be open for business.
  • Partner with local businesses for your grand opening and ask them to promote the big event.


Host a Grand Opening Event

Another way you can promote your store’s grand opening is to host a big grand opening event! This is a very popular marketing strategy for many new companies because people love attending events, especially if the party is at a store that interests them. Grand opening events lead to greater visibility, better brand awareness, and increased retention rates. Come up with some grand opening ideas, narrow it down to your favorite, then create eye-catching marketing materials to advertise the event. Some of our favorite ways to drive excitement and attention to grand opening events are to create branded swag bags and promote contest or prize opportunities for your patrons to enjoy!


Offer Promotions on Your Store’s Opening Day

As we just mentioned, hosting a grand opening event is a great way to market your store’s opening. That being said, you have to make sure that there is something special at your event to attract your target audience inside. One of the ways you can do this is by offering a special discount! You can treat your customers to a gift bag containing samples of your product, hold a sale on certain products or services, or you can have customers submit their contact information at your event and then do a drawing for a special prize! Make sure that your promotion fits within your store’s brand and budget. One last piece of advice we have is to partner up with a local business for your grand opening event. Choose a company that compliments your store and then cross market between your two stores. 


Use Social Media for Organic Marketing

Once you have hammered out all the details of your grand opening event, it’s important to promote it across your social media platforms. Create a Facebook event and invite your friends to attend, post a video on Instagram to tease your followers about the grand opening and share articles on LinkedIn that advertise your store’s opening. Start posting to your accounts as soon as possible to reach your target audience and persuade them to attend your grand opening event! Here are some examples of effective social media graphics for a grand opening event: 


Invest in Paid Advertising for a Successful Grand Opening

 Because this is such an important event for your new business, we highly recommend that you invest in paid advertising to host a successful grand opening. Before you dedicate any money to paid advertising methods, don’t forget to complete some market research. This will help you determine which paid advertising channels are going to be the most beneficial for you and your store opening. Whether you choose pay-per-click advertisements, print advertisements, or some combination of these methods, it’s important that you include paid advertising in your marketing strategy. 

We hope that you’ve found these tips to be helpful as many were recently used by one of our new tenants Dungeon Cat Gaming! There’s nothing better than hosting a successful grand opening event, which is why we want to help contribute to your success in any way we can. If you are looking for a great retail store location in Crystal Lake or Glen Ellyn, visit our website and view our available shopping center properties. If you see something you like, fill out our contact form and we’ll set up a tour for you!

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