Our Questions Answered By U.S. Martial Arts

We recently sat down with the owner of U.S. Martial Arts, Head Master Baek Lee, to ask him a few questions about his experience as a tenant at Pickwick Place. He had so many great anecdotes to share with us, and now we want to share them with you. We hope you’ll enjoy this charming interview with U.S. Martial Arts!

Question: What Have You Learned About Driving Business To Your Location?

Master Lee’s Answer:

We use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Through them, we regularly introduce our classes with pictures and articles about our program. Additionally, we participate in local events to let people know about us. Other outreach avenues we employ include keeping our website current, advertising new deals and classes on our digital platforms, and reaching out to many local groups like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. We also like to give new groups a free, introductory class and a small gift! We do a lot more through social media, like:

  1. Taking and posting pictures of newly enrolled students
  2. Taking and posting exciting action pictures
  3. Advertising our programs and events through Facebook Ads

Question: How Do You Interact With The Community? What Local Events or Tournaments Have You Been Involved With?

Master Lee’s Answer:

I make sure that U.S. Martial Arts is very involved within our community. Every year we participate in the 4th of July City Parade, Taste of Glen Ellyn, and local school events. In addition to these local events, we participate in many tournaments outside of our local community. Eventually, we plan on starting our own local tournament. Additionally, U.S. Martial Arts participates in the KTA Tournament. This is hosted by the Korea Tae Kwon Do Association and is the largest tournament in Illinois.

Question: Where Do You See U.S. Martial Arts In The Next 5 Years?

Master Lee’s Answer:

This is a tough question because COVID-19 has changed everything that we had planned. However, if COVID doesn’t get more serious, I think we can still grow. However, it will be slower than we originally thought.

Question: What Do You Like Most About Being A Tenant At Pickwick Place?

Master Lee’s Answer:

In my experience, many other places don’t do much to help help their tenants. But Pickwick Place helps their tenants in many ways! I really like their idea of helping tenants with other professionals. They hire marketing professionals to help each tenant and it is a tremendous help for us. As a small business owner, it is not easy to develop a marketing strategy and update it all the time. We all know how marketing is important to keep a business on track, and the marketing team is really helpful and knowledgeable. They understand what each business needs and help to make sure that our strategies will work. I totally recommend Pickwick Place and their marketing team. This is the first time in my life that I’ve recommended a shopping center and their marketing team!

We loved getting the chance to sit down and chat with Master Lee! He has such a great energy and perspective, which is all so infectious! If you would like to learn more about Pickwick Place, Madison Corporate Group, or any of our properties, visit our website! There, you can find information about our available properties, read our blog, or ask us questions!

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