Scrapbooking Haven in Crystal Lake: The Unique Journey of Cut it Out Scrapbooking

As we reflect on the artistic evolution of Cut It Out Scrapbooking, we recently had the pleasure of engaging in an insightful interview with Angela the creative mind behind this beloved crafting haven. In this exclusive discussion, we delve into the roots of her passion for scrapbooking, the diverse inspirations shaping her artistic vision, and the memorable moments that have defined their presence  at the Crystal Lake Plaza.

Join us on this captivating exploration as we uncover the stories, experiences, and artistic philosophy that make Cut It Out Scrapbooking a cherished destination for all things crafty. 

Interviewer: Tell us about Cut it Out Scrapbooking.

Angela: I have been scrapbooking for over 20 years and over the years many stores have come and gone from the area.  When I found this store for sale in Michigan, I purchased it and brought it to Crystal Lake. Aside from carrying scrapbook supplies, we have a crop (scrapbooking) area in the back that holds 33 crafters to spread out relax and create.

Interviewer: You have crafting events almost every weekend,
can you tell us about a few of your favorite crafting events?

Angela: My favorite event has to be Croptoberfest. It is a crafters holiday that celebrates scrapbooking.  It has been held every October for over 30 years and our event sells out pretty quickly. The 2023 event sold out in Oct 2022 and the 2024 event was sold out before the 2023 event even started!  My vendors make sure we are covered with lots of raffle prizes and prizes. It’s a weekend full of games, prizes, fun, laughing, crafting and food!

Interviewer: Tell us about a typical Saturday Night Crop. Do you order food and drink from restaurants in the plaza?

Angela: Andre and Carlos from Las Cazuelitas are the girls favorite go to in the Plaza during our weekend crops. Now that Subway is right in front of us the girls have been walking across the parking lot for lunch! And during the summer Julie Ann’s and Coco Rolls for ice cream hit the spot. We are very excited to have KD Market joining the Plaza family as many girls run out to get food and KD Market will be within walking distance.

Interviewer: What are some of the upcoming trends in the crafting world?

Angela: We have been seeing lots of heritage, vintage, old fashion trends being added to scrapbooks. Old Sears, Montgomery Wards and Farmers almanacs have been spotted being added to pages. Then there is always the newest from Tim Holtz, Simon Hurley and Scrappy Boy.

Interviewer: For those just getting into crafting, can you provide the top 5 things to consider before starting a project?


  • Cost – know how much you want to spend on your project
  • Time – how long are you giving yourself to get it done
  • Materials – do you want to do a 12×12 or 8×8 album
  • Organization – make sure you have everything printed and in order that you are going to work on the project – it will help if you are on a time crunch
  • Thoughts – you are creating something to be passed down generations – you want everyone to know who is in the photo and what the Occasion was

Interviewer: Why did you choose to open your first retail store at the Crystal Lake Plaza?

Angela: I have lived in this area all my life! I knew the area needed a scrapbook store and a place where people could gather and be creative. My real estate agent did his due diligence by showing me many places that would work, but I kept coming back to “I want the Plaza”. The location is great, the space is fantastic. It was calling to me, it used to be the Radio Shack store and as a family of HAM radio operators, we spent many, many hours in this store.

Interviewer:Tell us about how members of the community can stay up to date with all the wonderful crafting events you hold.

Angela: You can always stop by the store located in Unit #19 – Crystal Lake Plaza

Call us at – 815-526-3316

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