4 Ways to Effectively Market Your Seasonal Business

If your business relies on seasonal shoppers, then you know how difficult it can be to keep your store relevant all year long. It’s tough to build brand engagement for a business that relies on specific months of the year for the bulk of its revenue. Luckily, there are some easy and effective means of marketing your seasonal business available today. Keep reading to learn more about these helpful tips and ideas.

1. Market Your Seasonal Business with Off-Season Promotions

One of the best recommendations we have for seasonal businesses is to offer promotions during the off season. There are several benefits to this marketing strategy. First, it keeps your business relevant and puts it at the front of people’s minds. Second, people love a deal! It’s the surest way to attract customers to your business and it can encourage brand loyalty among those customers. Finally, offering a promotion that is limited to the off-season will drive traffic and revenues to your business even when it’s not in peak season!

2. Hold Giveaways and Contests to Market Your Seasonal Business

It’s true that you may have a harder time encouraging people to buy your product or service during the off-season – that’s where contests and giveaways come into play. Use contests and giveaways to both collect customer information and generate business for your peak season. Winning something that couldn’t be used for several weeks or months into the future builds some excitement and maintains the attention of customers for an extended period. The beauty of this marketing tactic you can build interest for your business prior to your busiest season!

3. Use Social Media Marketing for Your Seasonal Business

It is essential to stay connected to your customers throughout the year. Social media is free, and an effective, means of keeping the conversation flowing and raising brand awareness. Social media is one of the first places people look to get more information about their favorite brands. If potential customers find your account in a state of inactivity, it will send a stale message and signal that your business no longer exists! . Overall, social media is a very important marketing tool and definitely should not be ignored.

4. Gather Testimonials About Your Seasonal Business

One last piece of advice we have for marketing your seasonal business is to gather testimonials as often as possible. Whether you’re in the off-season or at your busiest time, it’s important to have new reviews posted by real customers of your business. Authentic customer reviews play a huge part in the buying journey. (Caution: unauthentic reviews are very obvious). For many prospective buyers, Google is the first step in the buying process. They search for your brand and make their initial impressions based on factors such as customer testimonials and ratings. If you don’t currently have many reviews listed on your business page, you will l want to start sending people there. Bonus tip: share the direct link to your Google review page by adding a QR code to your receipts, business cards, and other print materials. A QR code can be easily read by any smartphone and makes leaving a review significantly easier for your customers.

Hopefully you’ve found this article to be helpful. At Madison Corporate Group, we believe that only when tenants are successful can owners meet their goals. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide the tenants of our shopping centers with helpful resources to help them succeed. If you are interested in learning more about our available commercial properties, fill out our online contact form and request a tour!

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