Importance Of Drive Throughs, Not Just For Restaurants

What is a Drive-Thru?

To understand the origins of drive-thrus, its helpful to remember the drive-in, the precursor to drive-thrus. The first drive-in appeared in Dallas, Texas in 1921 for a little-known food chain called the Pig Stand. Customers would drive their cars into a serving station. An employee would take their order and deliver their food car side. In 1931 the Pig Stand opened Pig Stand Number 2 located in Los Angeles, CA. It was at this location were the birth of the modern drive-thru was born. Pig Stand Number 2 allowed customers to pay and receive their meal, served in a bag, from a single window without the customer having to leave their car.

These days, a drive through is a sound solution for customers on the go. Drive throughs are no longer  just for restaurants and fast-food chains. With the Covid Pandemic and lockdowns, the rise of drive throughs for other businesses has sky rocketed to include the below.

  • Drive-thru wedding chapels
  • Drive-thru liquor stores
  • Drive-thru pharmacies
  • Drive-thru convenience stores
  • Drive-thru laundry services
  • Drive-thru banking

The possibilities are endless!

Are Drive-Thrus Quick and Efficient?

Drive-thru services are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to save time. From fast food restaurants to banks and even laundry services, drive-thrus are a convenient way to get the services you need without having to leave your car. And with customers on the go more than ever, drive-thrus are an appealing option for businesses that want to provide quick and efficient service. In addition to saving time, drive-thrus can also save customers money by eliminating the need for costly parking fees in urban areas. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that drive-thrus are popping up all over the place.

Drive-Thrus Limit Customer Contact

As the pandemic continues to affect our daily lives, customers are still looking for safe alternatives to shop and check out. Drive thrus reduce the risk of harmful pathogens transferring to yourself and your employees. Additionally, drive thru checkouts ensure your customers are as equally safe as you. If you are wanting to keep your customers and employees safe during a pandemic, investing in drive-thrus is very prudent.

Drive-Thrus Provide Ease of Access

With drive-thurs, smaller businesses can set themselves apart from the larger box stores. Drive-thrus have a proven track record of increasing customer traffic and that boosts revenue streams. Whether your business is located on a busy intersection or on a quiet side street, the benefits of drive-thrus are clear. When the winter months arrive and parking lots are blanketed in snow and ice, drive-thrus  provide customers with a safe alternative way to shop your store. With drive-thrus, customers can place an order over the phone or through an app, and then, at their convenience, pull through the drive-thru without ever having to step foot on a slippery parking lot.

If you are looking for ways to enhance customer service and expand customer traffic consider adding a drive-thru to your business model then contact us today.

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