5 Methods on How to Track your Marketing Efforts

data tracking

It’s no secret that effective marketing is essential for any business. But tracking your marketing efforts can be a daunting task. Here are five ideas to help make the process a little bit easier. 1. Track Link Clicks with UTM Parameters UTM parameters are a set of tags that can be added to the end […]

Importance Of Drive Throughs, Not Just For Restaurants


What is a Drive-Thru? To understand the origins of drive-thrus, its helpful to remember the drive-in, the precursor to drive-thrus. The first drive-in appeared in Dallas, Texas in 1921 for a little-known food chain called the Pig Stand. Customers would drive their cars into a serving station. An employee would take their order and deliver […]

4 Ways to Effectively Market Your Seasonal Business

4 Ways to Effectively Market Your Seasonal Business

If your business relies on seasonal shoppers, then you know how difficult it can be to keep your store relevant all year long. It’s tough to build brand engagement for a business that relies on specific months of the year for the bulk of its revenue. Luckily, there are some easy and effective means of […]

4 In-Depth Ways to Improve Your Customer Communication Strategy

4 In-Depth Ways to Improve Your Customer Communication Strategy

As in our personal lives, good communication is essential for building strong professional relationships. Customer satisfaction is crucial for creating loyal customers and positive brand awareness. Not too long ago, there were only a few ways to communicate with current and potential customers. Now, the list of customer communication methods is robust. We understand that […]

5 Marketing Strategies That Are Perfect for Local Restaurants

local restaurant marketing strategies

The restaurant industry is arguably the most competitive spaces in the world today. Local businesses with exceptional foods don’t always survive because of larger chain restaurants in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, it’s no longer enough to just make delicious food. Now, restaurants must develop strong marketing strategies to compete with similar places. In this article, […]

5 Tips for Retail Merchandising

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Retail merchandising refers to any business that sells products in a physical store. Beyond that, it’s the experience that you create in your store to generate sales and engage customers. This is important because an excellent retail merchandising strategy can significantly increase consumer interest and sales. Here are our 5 tips for retail merchandising that […]

3 Things to Consider When Starting a Business

3 Tips for starting a new business

Starting a new business is a very risky undertaking. There are many factors that can heavily impact your company’s ability to succeed. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for new businesses to fail because they did not spend enough time preparing for this new venture. Fortunately, there are ways to limit the risk and find success! Here […]

How To Prepare a Brick-And-Mortar Store for the Holiday Season

Prepare for the holiday season

The holiday season is quickly approaching. That means there’s a lot of excitement among shoppers! People are looking to buy anything and everything to celebrate their favorite time of the year. We know that owning a business is hard enough without the added stress of holiday shopping, which is why we’ve put this blog together! […]

Importance of Reviews for Retail Locations and How to Get Them

Importance of Online Reviews

Online reviews play a major role in persuading prospective customers to either support or ignore your business. Since so many people have access to the internet in one form or another, there is no way to ignore people’s opinions about your brand – good or bad. In this blog, we will break down the importance […]

5 Business Listing Websites to Help Your Company Get Noticed

Insta - Business Listings

Business listing sites make it easier for local customers to find your business. This is important for boosting brand awareness, driving leads, and earning sales. In fact, managing a business listing makes it easier for your customers to find you more easily. There are so many great options to consider when choosing where to list […]